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Color Palette + HEX Codes

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2 Sets of Revisions [ additional revision sets $20 each ]


Files Types Included:

  • PSD File
  • 5 PNG Files [ white, black & transparent backgrounds ]
  • PDF File 


*Vector Files Available for an additional $30.

Text Based Logo Suite

$275.00 Regular Price
$220.00Sale Price
  • Text based logos are made up of text only. They DO NOT include images, vectors or graphic art of any kind. Text Based Logos are developed using a combination of fonts, textures (glitter, foil, etc.) & colors of your choice. There is no limit as to how many fonts can be incorporated. The submark logo that comes with this suite will be in circular or square button format, that is the only exception. Please note, we do not freestyle concepts. Please have a specific color palette in mind (HEX Codes preferred) as well as an example of font styles you like, that you may want incorporated.

  • Turnaround time is estimated 4-5 business weeks from the date the intake form was recieved back and contract signed. Please note that this timeframe is only an estimate. Turnaround time is subject to change at anytime, and can be delayed in circumstances including (but not limited to) illness, emergencies, holidays, peak season, influxes of rush orders and scheduled closings. While it is highly unlikely, it may take up to 2 months to complete and turnaround time is subject to change at anytime, as to not exceed the 2 months listed on our contract. If you have a very strict deadline that falls before the 2 month period our contract allows, I would recommend placing a rush order on the intake form. 

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