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A fully customized website is the ultimate boost your company or organization should invest in! With a world revolving around the internet, why not own your very own little piece of online haven? With 6 main tabs and unlimited sub tabs, your possibilities become... well... limitless! Lets get started!

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Estimated turn around time is 6 - 8 weeks ONLY IF all information has been provided for the project. I typically do not start unless I have all content in it's entirety.  Delay in us getting all information on the initial form can result in a delay of the website being completed in the time frame mentioned above. Turnaround time is subject to change at any time due to varying circumstances including, but not limited to influxes of rush orders, higher volumes of orders, sales, missing information, complex inventory, scheduled business closings and Acts of God.

DISCLAIMER: While we do our best to project an accurate estimated timeframe, turnaround time may vary & also depends on the complexity of the overall design request! Turnaround time may also be extended during periods where we are experiencing high volumes of rush orders, or when I am running a sale. Our contract allows up to 3 months to complete your website services in cases where extreme delays or Acts of God play a part. For this reason, it may be in your best interest to opt for a rush order on the intake form to ensure your deadlines are met. We will update all clients on any potential and emergency delays.

If you have already booked & did not select the rush order add-on on the form, you can still rush your order at anytime throughout the process for the additional $150 Just ask us for an invoice! Rush order ensures 5-7 business day turnaround time for your test copy, as well as expedited revisions.



Whenever you're ready, payment for your website services can be made right here on the website! When you add your items to cart, you'll notice our services are listed as digital downloads. A PDF document directing you to our intake form will be sent to your email immediately once you place your order, and that is the only file that will be attached. You do not receive any kind of website files with your first email! Once the intake form is received and contract signed, turnaround time will begin as well as the drafting process of your website. Please refer to the estimated turnaround times above for an expectation on when you will be receiving your fully functional test copy. When test copy is completed, the link will be sent over via email and you will have a chance to provide us with revisions. Please be sure to always check spam throughout the process as sometimes e-mails with large attachment sizes are filtered there.  Once you are happy with the concept, we will confirm once last time; then the final balance invoice will be sent if there are any outstanding balances. Once all remaining balances are paid, we will transfer the site into your possession and help you make it live!



We do not provide step-by-step updates throughout the design process. Once the intake form is received, we should have all we need -- so long as the information is accurate & there are no idea changes. Unless we need clarification on the form, you will not be contacted by us until the test copy is prepared for your review. This is so we can focus on designing, with as little distractions as possible. We understand this does not work for everyone, so please be sure the communication policy coincides with the way you prefer to do business! There are no refunds once your order is placed on our site. 



Please be 100% sure that Belladonna Creative is a good fit for your business before placing any orders, and make sure you've reviewed all policies as well as the FAQ. All payments are 100% non-refundable once the order is placed through our site, and buyer's remorse is no exception to this policy. If you opt to dispute your payment(s) at any point throughout the process, you will lose the rights to all work completed, our contract will be considered null and void, and there will be no obligation to complete the agreed upon services.
If you are feeling uneasy or concerned at any point throughout this process, please shoot us a text or email so we can come to a resolution. There is no going back once a dispute is opened. Disputes take 90 days to resolve, even if the customer changes their mind and cancels the dispute. Once a dispute is initiated, we will provide your bank with a copy of our signed contract stating all fees are non-refundable and in turn, the funds will be returned to us either way. In case of wrongful/fraudulent dispute when all materials have been provided to customer, we reserve the right to revoke all rights to your materials & seek legal remedy in accordance with our service contract.



We know it's hard finding time to input your inventory, and time isn't easy to come by these days. Let us help! We offer inventory input services as well, and cost depends on if you're selling hair items [which require specific technique to input], or if you have regular inventory such as bags, clothes, shoes, etc. 

Hair Inventory Input: $40 per 5 items or $10 per item
All Other Products: $25 per 5 items or $7 per item 

If you are interested in this service, the option to submit payment will be on your intake form. If you overlooked or skipped this portion, send us an email and we are happy to invoice you for the product inventory cost. Please note that if this option is not initially selected on the form, turnaround time may extend a period of 1-5 business days to account for the inventory input. 



Domain names and hosting packages ARE NOT included in the price you pay for the initial website design and will have to be purchased separately, this part is left entirely up to the client. These items are purchased following the completion of site construction and prior to launching the website. If you have your own domain, that is perfectly fine! We can transfer it to the new website. If you need to purchase one, we can walk you through where to go and how to set it up. Hosting however, is a little different and has to be purchased through the provider that the website is built on.  If you already have hosting purchased outside of Wix, Wordpress, or Shopify, you will need to contact that hosting company and cancel all hosting services with them. They will most likely give you a refund for remaining time left on the package that you purchased through them. 
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